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Handmade18k white gold ring with a pink tourmaline and round diamonds.

From: 6000 euro


Handmade earstuds in 18k pink/white gold, ice blue- and white diamonds and two red Rubies.

From: 5500 euro


Handmade collier in 18k pink/white gold. Pink sapphire and round diamonds.

From: 3000 euro


Colour graded Tahiti- South Sea- and freshwater pearlbracelets. Invisible clasps. 

From: 1000 EURO

inspiration and collections

 Treasures of the sea

Pearls, pearls, pearls! The ever alluring pearl, with diamonds or any other gemstones, can create something magical. I love pearls and my personal favourites are beautiful South Sea and Tahitian pearls.


Thinking of pearls reminds us of their beauty, their glamour, their mystique, their uniqueness. Be it a specially engraved or a faceted pearl with various undertones and overtones of colour, or the stunning round white or black South Sea pearl, they all create classic timeless jewellery!

Let colours come floating into your life

I strongly believe that there is a gemstone even several, for every personality and occasion. A white diamond is undeniably a gorgeous loyal companion. However that feeling when you are out wearing a stunning natural aquamarine, sapphire or tourmaline is truly something wonderful! Why not make it even more beautiful by framing your gemstone of choice with diamonds?


Be inspired!

inspired by Nature

Sometimes friends and acquaintances ask me to design a unique piece of jewellery for them, "Create something special, you know me". I love that!


Here are some of the creations that emerged after such meetings, a few of my striking, personalised designs.


Inspired by nature and the energy it brings all of us. I love creating high end unique jewelry including the most valued and attractive materials on earth.


How would you like your next jewelry?

Wedding Inspiration

Treating yourself or someone close, to a fine piece of jewellery is like creating a memory. Memories thath say you care; ones that stay on trough life`s journey and are passed on to loved ones.

Goldbar Jewellery & Designs engagement- and wedding rings are made in 18k yellow gold, white gold, rosé or pink gold, or platina.

Make specific note! Goldbar Jewellery & Designs provide only natural, legally sourced diamonds, certified by Kimberly process.

I Lotta Torstensson design and create my work with a solid craftmanship that ensures all my beautiful jewellery can withstand the passage of time while fulfilling its day-to-day purpose.

Made with love❤


White Grass
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passion for beauty


My name is Lotta Torstensson, master goldsmith, designer and owner of Goldbar Jewellery & Design in Stockholm. I am pleased to present my exquisite jewellery assortment. With over thirty years of experience in handcrafting jewellery, and with a constant curiosity to, create elegant, quality jewellery with a personal touch. Please take your time to view my jewellery and appreciate the unique details and creativity I bring to my collections.

Welcome to My world

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Köpmangatan 16, 111 31 Stockholm Sweden

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Email: info@goldbar.se

Phone: +46 (0)8 612 80 58


If you have thoughts of buying a piece of hand made jewelry or just want to stop by for a short visit I I be happy to show you my designs.


Feel free to book an appointment at my Studio at Köpmangatan16, Old Town (heart of) Stockholm.

During times caused by the Corona pandemic we offer you to book separate time for your visit. 

For your safety we constantly wear face mask and face shield during appointments and visits. We have and provide hand disinfection fluid and take care of ventilating the Studio at regular intervals. 

Lotta Torstensson

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